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MegaDittos's Reward Points: 571

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Consumers should not purchase SUVs
1 Added Argument Harsher Punishments for Hate Crimes
0 Added Argument Do the homeless choose to be homeless and poor?
1 Added Argument Parents need to give their children incentives to develop properly.
1 Added Argument Would the US be morally justified in assasinating world leaders?
1 Added Argument Why Do People Hate America???
1 Added Argument Are new body scans at airports an intrusion of privacy or priority for security
4 Added Argument Should the Fair Tax be instituted as the tax system?
1 Added Argument Should Plastic Surgery Be Banned In General?
1 Added Argument Is government hypocritical to ban private gambling yet promote state lotteries?
1 Added Argument The U.S. has a Bill of Rights but what we really need is a Bill of Wrongs
2 Added Argument Should they ban violent video games?
1 Added Argument Obamacare is largely opposed by Repubs. because:
1 Added Argument Can government create jobs and wealth?
-1 Downvoted Argument Should schools stop teaching certain religions or should they include all of them?
-1 Downvoted Argument Should schools stop teaching certain religions or should they include all of them?
1 Added Argument Which is my most successful debate technique?
4 Added Argument Should schools stop teaching certain religions or should they include all of them?
1 Added Argument the emotional abuse againts overweight teenagers
1 Added Argument What government will dominate the world in the future?
1 Added Argument Is it possible for a female to be objectively critical of another?
1 Added Argument Do you believe Global Warming exists?
2 Added Argument Is the tax the rich a fallacy?
1 Added Argument Should all Americans be required to speak English?
1 Added Argument Breach on the User Agreement Covenants
1 Added Argument Will america get out of the crisis?
0 Added Argument Teenagers should be banned from this site.
1 Added Argument Should the schools cancel final examinations?
3 Added Argument Do You Think They Should Ban Peanuts From Airplanes Due To The People Allegic To Them?
1 Added Argument Is government effective and efficiency at providing any of its supposed services
1 Added Argument If wealth was determined by ones labor and it's value, there would be no Paris Hilton.
1 Added Argument did the Bush Tax Cuts help the econmy
1 Added Argument Racist People Getting Fined
1 Added Argument White people are smarter than black people.
1 Added Argument Should "hate speech" be banned by the U.S. government?
0 Added Argument Does the government has the right to ban toys in McDonald's Happy Meals?
-1 Downvoted Argument Does Socialism work?
1 Added Argument To combat the recession, we should cull the weakest 10% of our population
1 Added Argument If you could intervene in history...
1 Added Argument One race is inferior to another race.
5 Added Argument Republicans vs Democrats on tax cuts
2 Added Argument American Crimes against Humanity!
1 Added Argument How can PETA not have a stance on abortion
1 Added Argument ‎Women's preference for total assholes is the most destructive force on the planet.
3 Added Argument should we repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell?
4 Added Argument Why Is Society Against the "Dont Ask,Dont Tell" Bill?
5 Created Debate How does the goverment taking more money..............................
1 Added Argument What entity can adequately provide better roads at the lower cost?
2 Added Argument Should Bystanders who don't intervene or report receive consequences?
1 Added Argument Will this solution solve this problem?
1 Added Argument What puts us at the greatest risk of losing our rights/Liberties ?
1 Added Argument IS racism human nature?
2 Added Argument should they make physical activity mandatory in school
2 Added Argument Isn't praying to God as the same as praying to Superman?
1 Added Argument Should Online Bingo be Concidered Gambling?
1 Added Argument What is the best method for overcoming mistrust in investing/trading?
1 Added Argument Does government regulation prevent or propel private monopolies
-1 Downvoted Argument Are ghosts real
-1 Downvoted Argument IS the USA the greatest country.
9 Added Argument IS the USA the greatest country.
3 Added Argument Is America indoctrinated to socialist ideals of public schools?
1 Added Argument Should schools block facebook?
1 Added Argument Goverment agency for technological development?
1 Added Argument Should minors sometimes be tried as adults?
2 Created Debate Dems AGAINST Obamacare????????
1 Added Argument Would Hilter Be Proud of Obama’s Health-Care Adviser Ezekiel Emanuel
3 Created Debate Do we really need to teach men to wash their penis?
2 Added Argument Should martial arts be taught for self discipline than self defense?
1 Added Argument What Is The Better Political Orientation?
-1 Downvoted Argument Do the people of a nation have an obligation to provide welfare to their fellow citizens?
1 Added Argument Do the people of a nation have an obligation to provide welfare to their fellow citizens?
1 Added Argument Why doesn't government abide to its own rules and laws?
1 Added Argument is the best way to a man through his stomach?
4 Added Argument If Islam is a religion of peace.........
2 Added Argument Drug Dealers Need To Learn English
3 Added Argument With the 2010 NFL season beginnning, who is the favorites for the Super Bowl?
1 Added Argument Why are we trying to make an an ally and friend of Islam?
5 Created Debate If Islam is a religion of peace.........
3 Added Argument Is the burning of the Quran a free speech issue?
1 Added Argument Another communist country bites the dust! Will the communist advocacy stop?
1 Added Argument Well...., this is my 1000 debate. I'm pretty much done here. It's been fun ;)
1 Added Argument Do people born before 1980 have an innate problem with technology?
0 Added Argument The white Girl you?
1 Added Argument A list of things that suggest that you may be a liberal
2 Added Argument too many obama debates
1 Added Argument What's Your Opinion on Qymosabi?
1 Added Argument Who is at fault for the Crusades?
1 Added Argument The Obama Administration is Racist
0 Added Argument Is white going to be the new black?
1 Added Argument Obama is a joke and here's the proof
1 Added Argument Should we redistribute points here on CD
1 Added Argument Is the Glenn Beck rally disrespect Martin Luther Jr being on the same as day IHA

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