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Myrtel's Reward Points: 54

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should the British crack down on weapon laws?
1 Added Argument Why did you choose the name and picture you use for this site?
1 Added Argument perfect
1 Added Argument Racism... Why?
1 Added Argument Do you think The Illuminati exists?
2 Added Argument Why don't the white man look at his own sin
3 Added Argument Why don't the white man look at his own sin
1 Added Argument Can you prove that 1=2?
0 Added Argument Should all mineral rights be stripped from the private sector?
1 Added Argument Should Flip Flops Be Banned
1 Added Argument 30/09: Young people today enjoy freedom but are unwilling to shoulder responsibi
1 Added Argument was bush really that bad
0 Added Argument The UFC is legal so...why isn't a fist fight?
3 Added Argument Modern society is doomed because we have taken Darwinism out of society.
1 Added Argument what would you do?
1 Added Argument Best Classic movie quotes
1 Added Argument Is it wrong to support your birth country when you are living in another?
5 Added Argument Can we finally move past the Climate Change denial?
1 Added Argument Liberals suck, they're illogical, they lack logic and are closed minded
1 Added Argument Does the Octopus Paul have some supernatural powers or it was just a coincidence?
2 Created Debate Will The Football World Cup benefit the very poor South Africans ??
2 Added Argument Does unforgivable Sin exist?
2 Added Argument Is America a bad ally for Britain
3 Added Argument Liberals: You don't agree with me, thus you are an idiot.

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