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Nomoturtle's Reward Points: 856

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Does individualism work?
1 Added Argument Why does Donald Trump still occupy the minds of so many liberals and progressives?
1 Added Argument Who is to blame for Muslims being able to call a halt to 'free speech' in a free country?
5 Created Debate Does individualism work?
1 Added Argument How long is it going to take the African Nations to ''DEVELOP''?
1 Added Argument This is who the left is
1 Added Argument Does the left care about racism, or is it just a political weapon?
1 Added Argument 80,000 people died in 3 months from the flu. Why didn't you mask up?
1 Added Argument CDC says you can unmask. Left still wants to wear the face diaper
1 Added Argument The most common reason for divorce.
1 Added Argument Why are Democrats stopping progress with masks and lockdowns
1 Added Argument Which is stronger? The desire to hate each other or the desire to self preserve?
1 Added Argument Is all immigration good all of the time?
2 Added Argument What should I take from Florida doing better than NY on Covid
2 Added Argument My level of sarcasm has reached the point where even I don't know if I'm kidding or not.
2 Added Argument If there were riots after every time a cop killed a white person
2 Added Argument If you were a cop in America, would you stay or would you quit?
1 Added Argument Abolish the police, yes or no?
3 Added Argument Media pretending Biden brokered deal to pull out of Afghanistan
1 Added Argument Having a good 420 day?? No?? Still puting pot smokers in jail, huh? Is that good??
2 Added Argument Having a good 420 day?? No?? Still puting pot smokers in jail, huh? Is that good??
2 Added Argument BLM , Marxist leader buys multiple million dollar properties with donation money
1 Added Argument CNN on tape celebrating Covid deaths
1 Added Argument Was Joe Biden always a bumbling moron?
1 Added Argument Why do the Democrats want to dispense with compulsory identification at polling
2 Added Argument Gun control
6 Added Argument Should we discriminate against super straight people?
1 Added Argument Is it possible that Derek Chauvin might be acquitted. Are you for, or against it, and why.
1 Added Argument If you're white & born in Africa & become an American - are you an African American
1 Added Argument Your Best Plan to Reduce Poverty
1 Added Argument What do you think of Joe Biden falling down?
0 Added Argument Breastfeeding versus Bottle Feeding
0 Added Argument Breastfeeding versus Bottle Feeding
5 Created Debate Should the children of criminals be given the death sentance
1 Added Argument Why Does Nomoturtle Continuously Refuse To Seek Treatment For His Chronic Nazism?
1 Added Argument 7 gun Amarel bans anyone who disagrees with him
1 Added Argument Who is willing to get the Covid Vaccine?
1 Added Argument We need Trump back in order to spice things up here
1 Added Argument It isn't minorities the left supports. It supports black followers.
1 Added Argument Is this raw racism?;- Coca Cola tells it employees to ''try to be less white''.
1 Added Argument Took Biden less than two months to start bombing Syria again.
1 Added Argument Should abortion be legal?
1 Added Argument What was the the main contributory factor in Trump's downfall?
4 Added Argument Democrats slammed for doctoring evidence for impeachment trial
1 Added Argument You're right, I do know exactly what you mean.
1 Added Argument CNN slammed for lying about wallstreetbets Gamestop rebellion. They are the 1%
5 Created Debate Globalism
1 Added Argument Gas prices going up, up, up. You voted for it. Enjoy.

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