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Peekaboo's Reward Points: 704

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument how girls are better than boys
1 High Rated Argument Is Religion An Extreme Form Of Escapism?
1 High Rated Argument are kindles better than books
1 High Rated Argument Personal Freedom Vs. Social Order
1 High Rated Argument Should School Uniforms Be Required In Schools?
1 Added Argument Does Crying Help You Feel Better?
2 Added Argument Autism, serious problem or excuse?
1 Added Argument Eye for an eye? Man sentenced to blinding for attack.
1 Added Argument Should under 13s be aloud to go on Facebook ?
0 Added Argument Is there any family more freeloaders than the Royal Family?
1 Added Argument Is effort more important or talent more important to WIN?
5 Added Argument Is the art of working dead?
6 High Rated Argument We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers - a good or bad thing?
1 Added Argument Was Obama Right to Meet With the Dalai Lama?
1 Added Argument This house believes that Sad do-Masochism empowers women
2 Added Argument Most requested enhancement to CreateDebate - July 2011
1 Added Argument Are you scared of death?
1 Added Argument Are you a fan of the extreme heat?
1 Added Argument Why does the United Kingdom suck?
1 Added Argument Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" is a bible of sorts:
1 Added Argument IQ Tests: Legit, or unnecessary
2 Added Argument God Did Not Create Darkness, Evil, Or Cold.
1 Added Argument Pride Is A Positive Quality:
1 Added Argument The Greeks' God-Concept Was Closest To Reality:

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