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PrayerFails's Reward Points: 11163

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should India opt for one child Policy like china
1 Added Argument How much impact does the media have on perspective/perceptions?
1 Added Argument Should the Olympics be banned
1 Added Argument Cops are extremely disrespectful of young, white kids.
2 Added Argument Our current banking/monetary system is corrupt
2 Added Argument Bitcoin will do to banks what e-mail has done to the postal service.
1 Added Argument Bill Cosby gets crucified for past Rape allegations while Clinton is Democrat spokesmen.
1 Added Argument fantastic four vs avengers who wins?
1 Added Argument Is anything truly random
1 Added Argument Greatest Super Villain?
1 Added Argument No self respecting atheist would ever utter the phrase - Oh My God!!!
1 Added Argument Should grandmothers smoke pot?
1 Added Argument Jonathan Gruber calls the American voters STUPID...are you one of them?
1 Added Argument Is it the duty of the United States to protect the world from Nuclear Warfare?
1 Added Argument Obama is taking Executive Action on Immigration...does that make him Emperor of
1 Added Argument Bill Cosby: America's Grandpa OR Date Raper?
1 Added Argument Do you like the responsiveness of the site?
1 Added Argument Patriotism is a form of religious devotion
10 High Rated Argument It is easier to maintain good relationships in social networking sites such as Facebook.
3 High Rated Argument Should all children recieve a trophy or medal in sporting events despite losing?
1 Added Argument Why does the double A bra size exist? Why make it? What purpose does it serve?
3 Added Argument What is a better view first thing in the morning?
5 Created Debate What is a better view first thing in the morning?
1 Added Argument Have you lost a (good)friend?

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