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Slavedevice's Reward Points: 1306

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1 Added Argument If you're an atheist and a friend invites you to church, are you allowed to go?
1 Added Argument Is sex a right?
1 Added Argument Is it cheaper to keep homeless people on the street, or provide houses for them?
1 Added Argument Should the 'unvaxed' be left to die of covid-19 in specially insulated quarantine cells?
1 Added Argument Orwell warned us about the modern left's dystopian nightmare
1 Added Argument Islam Vs. Christianity
1 Added Argument What should be done, if anything to stem the tsunami of illegal immigrants into the U.S.A?
1 Added Argument Your Fav. Foreign Language (not the language you speak)
1 Added Argument palestine and israel
1 Added Argument BLM is a movement about begging for acceptance from white folks
1 Added Argument If slavery was legal and you owned a business would you avail of this source of free labor
1 Added Argument For every major problem in the world, it can usually be trace back to the Jews
1 Added Argument Has the black's ''victimhood''/''oh poor us'' false narrative been over sold?
1 Added Argument If Trump gets enough states to OVER THROW the election and INSTALL him, is that good??
1 Added Argument Leftists burning Jewish synagogues & beating Jews in the streets. Sound familiar
1 Added Argument Friedman vs Marx
1 Added Argument Like pandemics do, this one changed the world. Should the US get on board?
1 Added Argument Is Social Media Good For Democracy? Pd. 7
1 Created Debate Social Media NOT Good For Democracy
1 Added Argument Levicitus 20:13 If a man lies with another man - he should be stoned
1 Added Argument Do blacks owe Republicans reparations for freeing the slaves with their blood
5 Created Debate License To Parent
1 Added Argument The US should split up
5 Created Debate The US should split up

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