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SunTzuv2's Reward Points: 52

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument
0 Added Argument Friends, I Encourage You To Laugh At The Resemblance This Face Has To A Frog
0 Added Argument Friends, I Encourage You To Laugh At The Resemblance This Face Has To A Frog
-1 Downvoted Argument
0 Created Debate All potential investigators, employers and friends of Glen Parkinson
0 Created Debate I am curious if anyone knows the identity of the person whose facebook account t
0 Added Argument Someone, please tell Andy, that I don't want, to be, here! Thanks, and fuck, you, all!
1 Added Argument Who Here Uses Spotify For Music?
0 Added Argument If SunTzu Wants Beef, I Can Deliver His Order In 24 Hours Or Provide A Full Refund
1 Added Argument Do You Agree With Recruiting Volunteers To Infect With Coronavirus?
0 Added Argument SunTzuV2 Is An Absolutely Prolific Downvoter
0 Added Argument Some Say SunTzu Was Once Bitten By A Voodoo Priestess And Developed Lasers In His Eyes
3 Added Argument Neo-Nazi Propagandist Bronto Now Impersonating CHILDREN To Sell His Vile Hate
0 Created Debate I speculate that the user Nom is genuinely not of the male gender.
0 Added Argument Do You Look Back On Your School Days With Fondness?
0 Added Argument Here Are Some Facts One Must Be Aware Of When Conversing With A Wuwu
0 Added Argument I Have Heard Rumours That SunTzu Is A Lover Of Sheep
1 Added Argument Is there a debate you made a year++ ago that you now disagree with your perspective then?
1 Added Argument I Wish This Site Wasn't So Stuffed Full Of Trolls
0 Added Argument Trump donates salary to help fight Coronavirus
1 Added Argument I Voted For Hitler In The Primaries Today.
1 Added Argument LevinTV/Brontoraptor Back To His Old Tricks. Using Multi Accounts To Downvote People.
1 Added Argument Nom is a verba;l rapist, who pissed, in his Cheerios?
2 Added Argument Name, the Party, of tolerance, and inclusion.

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