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TERMINATOR's Reward Points: 6779

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument 2012 Snappys - The final results are in!
3 Added Argument Who is the greatest action movie hero?
1 Added Argument SPOTLIGHT SERIES - PrayerFails
5 Created Debate The United States of America is not a Democracy
1 Added Argument 'Only educated people should have the right to vote in elections.' What is your view?
1 Added Argument Why Aren't There Any Canadian Users on CD?
1 Added Argument Createdebate Cards
1 Added Argument Atomic Bomb
1 Added Argument Who thinks the girl in the "Terminator" picture is like mega-hot?
8 Added Argument Here's your chance: Debate TERMINATOR!
5 Created Debate Here's your chance: Debate TERMINATOR!
1 Added Argument Snappys 2012 - Category #12 MOST MISSED

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