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TheAshman's Reward Points: 2299

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Norman Bates
1 Added Argument Why are people rioting in Baltamore?
1 Added Argument Discussion about Islamaphobia
1 Added Argument Is healthcare a right?
1 Added Argument Are Michael Moore and Seth Roger idiots?
1 High Rated Argument As of today, I am no longer a christian.
2 Added Argument Is it a Sin to Smoke Pot in the Eyes of the Lord?
1 Added Argument Forgive and forget?
1 Added Argument Can an Atheist Go to Heaven?
2 Added Argument If I present a question for debate, does that mean I support said position?
3 Added Argument Does believing in race make one a racist?
2 Added Argument Is WWE Racist?

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