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TheAshman's Reward Points: 2299

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Can man be moral without god?
1 Added Argument Media have a negative influence on how the public sees people with visible body art.
2 Added Argument There is no reason for the gay marriage movement....
3 Added Argument Your thoughts?
1 Added Argument Why is it much more acceptable to be homophobic than to be racist?
1 Added Argument Why are people racist about Obama?
1 Added Argument Does mental illness often make people self-centered?
1 High Rated Argument DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD
1 Added Argument What are some videos/quotes/songs/ books/etc. that inspire you?
1 Added Argument Would you be Mad If Your 16 Old Kid Dropped the F-Bomb with his Friends?
1 Added Argument Prison sentencing...."good time for good behavior" wtf is that bs?
1 Added Argument How does same-sex marriage effect you?
1 Added Argument Is Suicide...the cowards way out?
1 Added Argument Say I want to join a religion (or lack there of), how would you convert me?
1 Added Argument Christianity is more logical then Atheism
1 Added Argument DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD
1 Added Argument Sitara's Daily Fail.
1 Added Argument Italian accent vs. British accent
2 Added Argument Do you believe God was a black man
2 Added Argument Take this test and post the results. It says I'm a left libertarian.
1 Added Argument Are ghosts sensitive to one's religious beliefs?
1 Added Argument "Terrorism"
3 Added Argument Indoctrination of Kids
4 Added Argument What are your thoughts on Islam?

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