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ThePotatoman's Reward Points: 171

Points When What Where
0 High Rated Argument Was Hitler good or bad?
5 High Rated Argument Anime or Sports
1 Added Argument Atheists are wrong. Hard evidence for miracles found.
1 Added Argument The subtle art of trolling. Do it wrong and you could end up hospitalized.
1 Added Argument Darth Vader VS Professor Xavier
1 Added Argument Best summary of the liberal media I've ever seen!
1 Added Argument Do mythical creatures exist?
1 Added Argument Must all of one's beliefs be based off of reason?
1 Added Argument Do you see anything wrong with woman having "sugar daddies"?
1 Added Argument Does Disney's Obesity Exhibit Sound Insensitive?
2 Added Argument Is the free will defense a successful rebuttal to the logical problem of evil?
1 Added Argument Should you tell your children your religion, before they've chosen theirs?
1 Added Argument If Homosexuality Were a Choice, Would Not Many Homosexuals Choose to be Heterosexuals?
1 Added Argument Women who cannot afford contraceptives should....
1 Added Argument Having Cancer is Wrong!
1 Added Argument A Question For Atheists.
-1 Downvoted Argument Is the free will defense a successful rebuttal to the logical problem of evil?
0 Added Argument Kill all the Muslims.
1 Added Argument Multiple universes exist beyond our own
1 Added Argument Would Dictatorship do India any GOOD???
1 Added Argument In this modern age of computers, handwriting is pointless
1 Added Argument What do you think about this picture?
1 Added Argument Yes, I've had days like this
1 Added Argument Are flat chest ladies worth it?

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