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Uspwns101's Reward Points: 444

Points When What Where
5 Added Argument Is homosexuality wrong?
3 Added Argument A Question For Atheists.
1 Added Argument Should the English Government Invest more in State Schools?
-1 Downvoted Argument Christianity or Atheism?
10 Added Argument Christianity or Atheism?
2 Added Argument What Will it Take for America to Switch to Mostly Green Energy?
1 Added Argument Should Youth be Given the Right to Vote?
1 Added Argument A Good Government is a Government That Gets Nothing Done
1 Added Argument Should access to water be a human right?
1 Added Argument Marines Urinating on Taliban
3 Added Argument Marines Urinating on Taliban
1 Added Argument What are your opinions on the ICOC ( International Church of Christ)

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