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elijah1's Reward Points: 29

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Are Young Singaporeans Spoilt?
5 Created Debate What is the thing you like most? Please Explain...
1 Added Argument Werewolves? or Vampires?
1 Added Argument Do you agree that we should upgrade the image of Santa Clause?
1 Added Argument Should minors have to abide by a curfew?
1 Added Argument Should children below 18 be allowed to use facebook ?
1 Added Argument How to prove God is the creator of the observable universe.
1 Added Argument Death Penalty
1 Added Argument Death Penalty
1 Added Argument whos going to win the premier league
1 Added Argument If the Bible was made by God, why isn't it infinitely awesome and infinitely inspiring?
1 Added Argument What’s easier: Earning money or earning degree?

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