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ezekiel_roma's Reward Points: 526

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument If abortion is wrong, so is masturbation.
4 Added Argument smoking
2 Added Argument We need to regulate the human population.
2 Added Argument Is religion good or bad for the world?
1 Added Argument Do You Think That Nudism Should Be Accepted In Public?
1 Added Argument Should America have the right to interfere with other countries?
0 Added Argument Am I the Only Person Who Thinks That The Atheists on This Site Are Intolerant?
1 Added Argument Are mental illnesses proof of God's cruelty?
3 Added Argument If you were given the option to live forever, would you take it?
1 Added Argument Which is Worse Abortion or the Holocaust?
1 Added Argument Theists, if when you die you find out you chose the wrong god...
1 Added Argument Do You Think Most Christians Oppose Science?
3 Added Argument Were the seven days of creation in Genesis literal days?
1 Added Argument Who is right?
1 Added Argument Textbooks vs. Tablets
1 Added Argument Should Kids Be Rewarded for Doing Chores
3 Added Argument Are you for or against zoophilia
1 Added Argument Does god know what lust feels like?
2 Added Argument Can Christians do yoga?
1 Added Argument Do ghost exist?
1 Added Argument Who is smart?Girls VS Boys
5 Created Debate What will be your last words when you die?
1 Added Argument Should Women Be Drafted into the Military?
1 Added Argument Spanking: Should parents use spanking as an option to discipline?

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