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flewk's Reward Points: 1192

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Should all young adults in the US be required to serve a year of national service?
1 Added Argument The best way to win an argument on CD.
1 Added Argument What is the best Pixar movie? And why?
2 Added Argument What does free music sound like?
1 Added Argument Are you a heart or a head person?
1 Added Argument Remember when the GOP said stem cell research would lead to abortions for money?
1 Added Argument What is the most important quality of a human being?
1 Added Argument What is the most important component of Schools: Academic or Social skills?
1 Added Argument Who should determine the fate of frozen embryos in a divorce?
1 Added Argument Planned parenthood selling unborn Baby organs! This is what Democrats support.
1 Added Argument How I KNOW there's no God
1 Added Argument Is there any objective purpose to life? Or do we give it purpose?

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