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ironskillet's Reward Points: 220

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Does atheistic morality make any sense?
1 Added Argument It IS acceptable to break the law sometimes
2 Added Argument Proof that evolution makes more sense than intelligent design.
1 Added Argument The hypocrisy from Dems, Progressives, Liberals, whatever you call yourselves is pathetic!
3 Added Argument Is free will an illusion ?
1 Added Argument Why do people find it necessary to convince other people of their beliefs?
2 Added Argument Why do you think Mr.Dermot is an asshole?
1 Added Argument The best way to spot the Progressives
1 Added Argument Why Does God say stuff like this?
1 Added Argument Is it okay to question God?
1 Added Argument Whose side is God on?
1 Added Argument Progressives coin a new term "Unconscious Sexism" could help explain Trump’s Win

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