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ironskillet's Reward Points: 220

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Life is nothing more than a self sustaining chemical reaction.
2 Added Argument Why do you think Mr.Dermot is an asshole?
1 Added Argument It took decades to stop slavery & will the same to stop No Restriction Abortion.
2 Added Argument Do you think God is good?
2 Added Argument Can an atheist be a feminist?
1 Added Argument Good or bad??
1 Added Argument Evolution and the Theory of Intelligent Design in school Curriculum
1 Added Argument Why are atheists so obnoxious?
2 Added Argument Why Are Atheists Such Sore Losers?
1 Added Argument Does God Exist?
1 Added Argument Does God Exist?
1 Added Argument Is the End near for the Church?

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