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sparsely's Reward Points: 498

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument Obama - Realized Liar
1 Added Argument Is physical force a justifiable method of punishing criminals?
1 Added Argument Do you take any vitamins?
1 Added Argument Have you ever had a one-on-one challenge debate with anybody?
1 Added Argument Jake Jones For President?
-1 Downvoted Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
1 Added Argument Do you use social networking websites?
1 Added Argument can we have multi accounts?
1 Added Argument The meaning of the word 'religion' is:
1 Added Argument Do you make racist jokes?
1 Added Argument That Politicans are underpaid
1 Added Argument Which is observable, evolution or creationism?
5 Added Argument One has a moral obligation to help those in poorer circumstances.
1 Added Argument Budget cuts and school how does this sound?
2 Added Argument Who can think of the best CD slogan? (Fun Debate)
0 Added Argument Should clairvoyants teach us clairvoyancy ?
1 Added Argument Would you give your life if it meant the human race leaving the solar system?
1 Added Argument An Unpopular Subject put into a Popularity Contest
2 Added Argument Why are you a liberal?
1 Added Argument Liberals make good music.
1 Added Argument Are you a deviant?
1 Added Argument Should the religious debate section only be for religious people?
1 Added Argument Are americans losing their appetite for the death penalty?
5 Created Debate Is Racism A Problem In America?

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