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thousandin1's Reward Points: 1931

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument the flash vs batman
1 Added Argument Is there any alien or not.I want true answer.
1 Added Argument Everyone who is prochoice has already been born.
1 Added Argument When does the human fetus have brain waves?
1 Added Argument 'Everyone has a price by which they can be purchased'-do you agree.
1 Added Argument This is a brain teaser,see if you can answer this,look inside
1 Added Argument Can you prove 1=2,well I can.Look inside the debate-Pure Mathematics
1 Added Argument Fear brings more strength to a person that hate in a battle
1 Added Argument Is an Obama bumper sticker on a Prius redundant?
0 Added Argument What is the solution to end poverty in the world?
1 Added Argument Should people under 30 be asked about politics
1 Added Argument Will Humanity cause it's own extinction?

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