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thousandin1's Reward Points: 1931

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument No banning: Didtatorship versus democracy.
1 Added Argument Animal's Rights are Equivalent to Humans
1 Added Argument Should College Athletes Be Paid?
1 Added Argument Do we get our rights from God or government?
1 Added Argument Why are people rioting in Baltamore?
1 Added Argument Does the proabortion activists respect the unborn child's right to choose?
1 Added Argument What should be the top priority of the American government in the next decade or so?
1 Added Argument All the recent Dana drama is not actually Dana
1 Added Argument Why is sexism allowed to run rampant on the Internet and TV these days
1 Added Argument Political Correctness
1 Added Argument It is hypocritical for a government that condemns killing to use the death penalty.
3 Added Argument Is Evolution True?

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