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trumpeter93's Reward Points: 999

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is there no limit to the incompetence of government by losing $8.7 billion
1 Added Argument Calling all veteran debaters
1 Added Argument Is maturity the product of age or life experiences?
1 Added Argument What is your favorite or primary source for news?
1 Added Argument Google Android OS or Apple iOS
1 Added Argument Is voting a privilege and not a right?
1 Added Argument Should we imprison and deport or only deport immigrant felons?
1 Added Argument Is the contempt directed towards liberals or liberalism?
1 Added Argument Let's meet here at 11:11 AM on 11/11/11 to celebrate the number 11
1 Added Argument Should Malcolm X be remembered as a Villain or Hero?
1 Added Argument One reason to vote for Sarah Palin is so that we can counter their guy.
1 Added Argument Both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on 2/2/11
1 Added Argument Mountains OR Beaches?????
4 Added Argument The Taliban are just Freedom Fighters.
1 Added Argument Should we punish or rehabilitate for domestic violence crimes?
1 Added Argument Favourite music genre?
3 Added Argument Which form of energy is better- renewable or fossil fuel?
1 Added Argument Is Pop Music inferior to Classical Music ?
3 High Rated Argument The Iraq war was fought over oil.
1 Added Argument Should the use of cell phones be banned in schools?
1 Added Argument Is society still racially biased?
1 Added Argument Governments are insane
1 Added Argument Are government employees busybodies?
1 Added Argument When Democrats refer to progress, is the progress towards Socialism and Communism?

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