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This has been the theme of many a movie and novel, though presented in more covert ways and people are no longer shocked by the unveiling of such an idea.

There are things to do which the brain tells you to do, and there are things to do when the heart tells you to do. What is always beautiful is when you do what your heart tells you to do.

This idea that unwanted and inconvenient people should be allowed to die is something that the brains of people want done. It is not beautiful.

Have you seen the happiness in the face of some orphaned and hungry kid who receives something to eat ? something to remove the pain ? A hug ? That happiness makes life worth living for all !

No way ! If you got a problem with unwanted and unconvenient people, you got a problem, not them. Leave them to solve their problem, if you can't help them becoming wanted and convenient !

2 points

Talking of driving just see whether you can manage in such driving conditions as shown in the video:

a drive
1 point

The veracity of the version given by the police officer i.e., that the police officer had been shot 8 times and that the police dog got shot is something that can't now be verified; it would have been useful to capture the suspect alive, maybe it would have given the police some insights as to how to prevent such things from happening in their own and others' interest .. and how do you really know that the police officer only was doing a " routine " check ? How did the police officer get shot at so close a range ? and what was the police dog doing there and how come it got shot ? Were these police officers who shot 66 bullets through the suspect acting desperately to hide the evidence ? Maybe that person was not really an illegal immigrant, but someone who had rubbed the police officer on the wrong side and the police officer wanted to show 'how strong is your fight ". Maybe the police officers would do the same to you next time you run into one of these 'routine checks '. Maybe there was a really different story, which no one will know. Passing judgements on the basis of only one side's version is a very unsafe method of judicial administration. How do you know this wont happen to you ? I mean you could just get shot by a police officer and his pals, and the version they could give to the public was that you were an "illegal migrant" who had shot at them ...

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