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1 point

The only U.S. party in america is money... >.> Kinda. Your beliefs and stances play a much smaller part in where you end up in politics.

1 point

My me is confused. Joe, why you hurt my me! .

1 point

I'm a good listener. ^_^ Yay .

AREKKUSU(272) Clarified
1 point

I've already submitted saying your definition is right. -_- I don't 'fool' myself, I'm no where near that stupid. Now how about you gain some maturity? This debate isn't about me, who I am, or what applies to me, so there is no point in discussing it.

AREKKUSU(272) Clarified
1 point

90%+ of all words in the English dictionary is just putting together 'root' words. That said, yes, it's quite 'realistic'. Not credible. I never said it was credible.

Why do you insist we go so far off topic?

AREKKUSU(272) Clarified
1 point

I didn't use a dictionary for that.

Definition of Pro: In favor of. (Google definitions)

Definition of abortion: The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. (Google again)

Put them together: In favor of the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.

Also, you've ignored all of my main points. >.< I'll consider that a victory! xD (jk)

1 point

Yeah, dictionaries have it right, but you don't, apparently. The definition many dictionaries give define Pro-abortion as "Wanting the legalization of abortion". In that sence I am pro-choice. Pro-choice though is stating "advocating a woman's right to control her own body (especially her right to an induced abortion)." This debate is saying "There is no such thing as Pro-Choice. There is ONLY Pro-Abortion." Pro choice is not equal to Pro-abortion.

And also, there definitions are ONLY correct when referring to the 'pro-life, pro-abortion' debate. They are not their actually definitions. The actual definitions are Pro-life: For life. All life should have the right to live and exist.

Pro-abortion: For abortion. All pregnant women should abort their children.

Not all dictionary's say this, but many do point out that the definitions are used in reference to this pro-life, pro-abortion debate. Such as although it doesn't say it with the definition, it does go into it if you're to go into the 'references'.

1 point

-_- stupid conversation. Pro - Mean 'for something'. I'm NOT for abortion.

Anti - Means 'against something' I'm NOT against abortion.

I AM Anti-pro-life. Against people that are Anti-abortion/pro-life. I may support some people that have abortion, but I'm not 'for it'

1 point

I'm anti-pro-life, but not pro-abortion. Although I personally am against abortion, I don't think it's right to not allow others to have abortion. If one can't support or love their child, why bring them into a world like that? A world of hate and poverty is not a good place to be in. - This is pro-choise.

1 point

Pro-Choice is a view point saying it could go either way. Pro-Abortion or Pro-life are one-sided viewpoints, having Pro-choice lets people have 'middle-ground'. Even many 'pro-life' people have switched to 'pro-choice' after happenings like 'rape'.

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Gender: Male
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Marital Status: In a Relationship
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Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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