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RSS Amritangshu

Reward Points:892
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10 most recent arguments.

The options are plenty atleast a single can have these two options ;if the first idea strikes a married then of Course,he can't go and have drinks all night and fuck a girl;Single is way better

I have more brains than balls which makes it all clear;I always listen to my head

Well if the bed sheets resemble something of a shroud then probably there would be a force of repulsion between the ghosts and the bed sheets which might save you.

Well in 24 days,above 6000 points at that rate of 255 arguments per day well he will set an unprecedented tone and will be remembered for his infamous"one-off "points;maybe another one and a half month

Yeah I would too as well but the thing is they live too deep in the Afghan desert

That "ice age" would be in the arctics not in the Caribbean;even the temperate altitudes would see an immense rise in temperature in 2030

Child control is very much required to counter the high rate of indiscipline amongst the teens;Gun control is needed amongst the Talibans

Well he hooked up a bag of times and dates and selected one of them on the basis of probability

Well there's nothing wrong in showing some charity,they're only to clear Greek off their debts.

EXACTLY MATE,123 million floating houses after swaying for months in the deep blue ocean would finally face the fury of hurricanes later on in winter

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Amritangshu 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Australia
Postal Code: Downs-7014

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