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RSS Cocopops

Reward Points:347
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0 points

I posed plenty of uncomfortable questions all of which you dummies have decided are best left unanswered.

You vill haff to answer the questions, ve haff vays of making you tock.

Nom, have you checked under the bed for Nazis today and why have you stopped taking the medication which was prescribed to you to keep your Tourette syndrome under control?

What a mischievous little Nom you are.

1 point

The response is;- answer the questions.

Just answer the questions.

1 point

I notice that you dummies have been unresponsive to my questions.

Well, I guess they were rhetorical as we all know the the dreadful truth, that is the truth which you are too embarrassed to want to admit.

0 points

If that was the best you could do you shouldn't have responded.

I note that like all dimwitted shitheads you conveniently sidestepped the questions.

Try to answer the questions, honestly and objectively.

1 point

Why can't you dummies recognize the facts and accept the truth when it is presented?

These dumb ass Latinos haven't got the ability to create successful economies in which businesses can flourish and their citizens can secure well paid jobs and prosper.

Such a scenario is totally beyond the capabilities of the weak minded, corrupt greasers who blame the United States for not permitting their work-less lowlife citizens walk freely across the border to rape, drug deal, and create an environment exactly the same as they did in their own shit-hole countries.

Why do greasers want to sneak into America like scurrying rats leaving a sinking ship?

Why do Americans not want to immigrate to the Latino shit-holes?

Why can you shit-heads not see that the greaser filth will turn great areas of America into the the same type of shit-holes they left?


So, it's President Trump's fault that South America is a collection of failed nations whose general populations have zilch enterprise except when it come to crime.

0 points

If Latino immigration had been properly regulated by successive administrations the resentment at the presence of millions of illegal greasers wouldn't exit and hotheads such as the El Paso assassin would have no reason to express their frustration in such a barbaric way.

The Mexican government along with the other failed left wing Hispanic regimes must bear full responsibility for this atrocity as their total inability to establish the basis from which prosperous nations can evolve has led to the endless tide of flea ridden criminals flooding across the U.S, border.

THE LOONY LEFT has contemptuously used this human tragedy as a weapon with which to attack President Trump.

If the governments and the greaser citizens of the Spic nations had created thriving and economically buoyant countries such as the United States this on-going problem wouldn't exist.

Unlike his predecessor, ex-President Inertia, President Trump has identified and addressed the intolerable problem created by incompetent LOONY LEFT LATINO MARXIST REGIMES and predictably the progressives try to apportion blame onto the messenger.

Man, man oh man.

2 points

The American dream is there awaiting for anyone and everyone who is prepared to fight for it.

Those with ambition, ability, enterprise, durability, vision and a burning desire to win will find their pot of gold in the great United States of America.

Resentful bellyachers will continue to spew out their anti-capitalist drivel in the hope that their self-pitying rhetoric will mask the truth for their failure.

These moronic, brain dead idlers have perfected the way to blame the system, the financial institutions and even poor wee Mrs, Mc Dooky for their life's failure without recognizing that it is they, and they alone who are the architects of their own character deficiencies.

1 point

The illegal filth should be sent to where they will be welcomed with open arms and the citizens will enthusiastically grasp the opportunity to have their taxes being spent on the welfare of these economic migrants.

1 point

Yes, the shock would kill me.


1 point

Essentially you're the offspring of a diseased prostitute whose untreated syphilis affected your brain, thus rendering you incapable of comprehending the meaning of a simply worded report

Read the report you fucking brainless son of a whore.

Barr said the special counsel's investigation;- '' did NOT establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in it's election interference activities''.

What part of that do you not understand you fucking useless imbecile?

Barr also stated;- the evidence outlined in Mueller's report,''is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offenses''

Your eye-watering inability to understand the written words of your first language is almost as embarrassing as your fanciful assertion that scientists have discovered a time machine.

You are truly the biggest shit-head ever to contaminate this debating forum which would be significantly more constructive and interesting without your drivel.

Once again you fat, brainless scum sucking fuck'- have someone with even a little intelligence read the report to you and ask them to make an accurate and dispassionate interpretation of its meaning.

The worldwide media, left and right has stated that the Mueller report exonerated President Trump.

But you, you fucking low life communist know better

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