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RSS DBCooper

Reward Points:2194
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1 point

EX VET no way can someone have a little fun with the Muslims. Muslims are a religion of peace as the way you Democrats view it.

2 points

Time for all the Clinton's just to fade into the sunset and be gone.

DBCooper(2194) Clarified
1 point

Women are not empowered in this day and time if you believe that you need to buy you some swamp land in Nevada

2 points

Those white males are really a problem are they not and then you go on to say that is a problem in literature. Fix the problem then don't whine about it and you say you are not a Democrat you just gave away your cover.

1 point

There are 2 genders born that means there are 2 sexes born that would be male and female. 33 genders can't be born because there is not 33 sexes. The Delusional State you Democrats exist in is the only world you know. Facts prove you are delusional.

1 point


the state of being male or female

You can't deny the facts but try as you may it shows your Epic Failure of the facts you claim just aren't true.

1 point

Here is what you typed and quoted- I have no confusion on the facts, but what you're saying is not fact. Go look it up.

I looked it up. gen·der

the state of being male or female

Try again if you will

1 point


the state of being male or female

Epic failure for you.

1 point

Sex takes place between 2 consenting adults. Still confusion for you.

1 point

There are 2 genders that would be male and female. What is your confusion on the facts.

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