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RSS Ignoramis

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1 point

Because everyone wants their view of the world validated.

No one likes uncertainty. I for one do not. I like to hear other perspectives in a non-aggressive manner.

2 points

Gail Gaddot isn't a good wonder woman. Gina Carano would have been a better one as an ex-mma fighter.

Gaddot's movements aren't of a person who is naturally used to exercising or fighting.

1 point

If you're fighting for a cause that is extremely important, and your spouse thinks she is more important, you have to decide what is more important to you. Sometimes, people have the tendency to get in the way, or your priorities deviate.

However, if the two of you become really good friends, and there is something beyond the attraction. A mental connection, a desire to fight for each other, defend each other, loyalty, forgiveness, then I believe it will last.

Look at Bill and Hillary Clinton, they stuck it out despite everything. That, is love right there. That is an example of true love and commitment that everyone should have.

People make mistakes, you have to be understanding of that.

Plus, the girl or guy shouldn't be crazy. At least not with each other.

Nelson Mandella was a great man, he stood for something. Everyone gets married, but very few men dedicate their lives to an ideal. In my book, Mandella stands among the great kings of humanity.

His wife was a nobody. What did she do? Pop out a few babies, and then run when things got tough?

Also, there are a lot of bad apples out there, some people cant see it until it is too late.

1 point

Every race kills a lot of people in general. It isn't a race thing, we are all insane. Killing is as natural as breathing when the proper conditions are met.

2 points

There is knife control. Furthermore, killing a lot of people isn't as easy as it is with a gun, unless you are boss. If a single person managed to take out 50 people, survive and escape, with a hand held knife or even a sword, you'd be a legend, even if you were insane.

1 point

I believe one fundamental misconception you have is that peace is natural... which it is not. Violence and death are natural. Humans have a long history of war. Especially, religious people. War and death is the natural state of human life. Peace is the most unnatural of things. This world we live in, this peace that has been built, are due to unnatural things like computers and mass communication.

There is no justice. They just make it seem that way. There is no good or evil, just chaos.

1 point

It shouldn't be. Politics should be a method for advancing a country and the world in the most effective way possible.

Unfortunately, it has become something else, because you have people with silly biases sitting at the top enforcing their nonsense and looking out for their wallets.

8 years ago, people were screaming to have the war stopped and were saying it was a mistake. Now with Trump coming to the front, everyone is screaming for blood and looking for a scapegoat (the Muslims). Furthermore, the Muslims are doing the same to Americans.

1 point

I think the better question is why should she care if it doesn't effect her. It isn't like the people wearing dresses are using her washroom. Right?

1 point

The causes of debt are:

1) Student Loans & institutional educational corruption

2) The War

3) Health care/pharm corruption

4) People taking out loans to pay into programs created by billionaires & the rich (they've figured out that if one person gives them money and goes bankrupt, this doesn't effect them)

5) Housing market price gouging

6) Rising costs of services due to different industries price gouging each other

As you can see, the capitalistic market is screwing itself over indirectly. Then they want to point fingers without taking a cut and making things fair.

At least Obama's debt causes can be explained because he has implemented NEW country wide programs that never existed before that will pay off in the long term.


1) A health care system (which cuts the salaries of corrupt doctors)

2) He attacked the oil and coal industries in order to protect the environment and invest in alternative sources of energy (he prioritizes long term goals over short term profits, unlike the companies)

3) Much much more ...

1 point

Guns definitely make killing a lot easier. In fact 90% of mass killings in America use guns.

However, I do think Trump might be right about attacking countries with a lot of violence ruthlessly and reducing their populations.

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