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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Like your diapers? Good to know, ma'am...

“ma’am” WTF .....why do you call yourself a “Christian” ? You’re a lying two faced toad who last year said you hated god and Jesus remember that ?

2 points

Careful now. You'll really tax his brain with the concept that cops don't need to carry guns in a gun free society.

It’s staggering really I sell my work in Dublin every Sunday and Americans ask me “why do your cops not carry guns “ , they cannot comprehend it

1 point

They also, have hit the wrong house, killed some of those inside, and getting a way with that.

Yes that’s the fucked up USA for you I live in a gun free society even the police (mostly) don’t carry guns

1 point

Says the accuser,

My accusations are founded you make ridiculous statements and then say “disprove them “

who is doing exactly what he is accusing the other of doing. The fact is, I welcome dialogue, but that is not what you have given.

“Dialogue” 🤣🤣🤣 You make inane comments about armed people coming to our homes and carrrying out atrocities , all your claims are based on nothing but your subjective opinions backed by fuck all except your paranoia

You seem to be arguing for the sake of arguing.

If you a present a coherent argument I will address it and accusing me of what you’re doing proves my point , you’re an ego driven imbecile , further proof of your inflated ego is the fact you’ve spent 48 hours non stop babbling about the meaning of one word little realizing Burrito is an authority on such

1 point

They illustrate an ignorance which is so mind-numbingly profound that there is little point in any reasonable person even trying to have a conversation with you.

You’re on the money again Burrito , I was quiet prepared to have a conversation with him until I read his response to my piece , the guy is only interested in ramming his idiotic ideas home he is not interested in dialogue he just wants to hear himself

2 points

It’s funny I was just watching the great John Cleese in an interview say that a sizable proportion of the American population are idiots , I think his point is perfectly valid “ defensive tool “ 🤣🤣🤣

2 points

A gun is a defensive tool,


1 point

I feel the same the latest one doing the rounds is from the school of classic Amarellisms .....”A gun is just a tool “ ......😆

1 point

🤣🤣🤣 See the idiotic creature actually stated “The rest of the world is jealous of us “ .......I’m beginning to think that an idiocy chemical is pumped daily into the American water supply

1 point

Gun Control IS Gun Violence.

What an utterly ridiculous statement

With it you have men with GUNS coming to a persons home and taking property that they own, for defensive purposes, and kidnapping them, throwing them in a cage or killing them if they resist.

Right , you know that Netflix drama you’re watching is not reality

The problem is not guns, but people.

Funny that there’s plenty of people in my gun free country that have no guns so no gun problem , this isn’t rocket science buddy

People's moral code is so screwed

Yet another sweeping generalization

up that they are willing to take out a bunch of others because nothing matters, etc. Not to mention the mass shootings that take place are likely, false flag operations to continue the narrative on the whole gun "issue".

What a load of bollocks all stated with zero evidence to back it up

It is the Hegelian dialectic that is in play.

“ Hegelian dialectic “ you probably think that’s a German breakfast cereal

Problem, reaction, solution. This acts to get people on board to give up their rights and freedoms. And it works to a great extent.

Their really is no "control" outside of ourselves. The best way to solve the problems of so-called "gun violence" is education.

It’s not , it’s to address inequalities in society just to start

For Principled people who are wanting to use the weapon as a means of self-defense, this will reduce the amounts of accidental shootings. For those who would commit acts of mass murder, having people in place ready to respond to such acts, is key in reducing those shootings.

And on and on it goes

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy

with a gun

Yes and “a gun is a tool “ etc , etc I’ve heard all this bullshit before

there and ready, willing, and able to use it to stop them.

The 2nd Amendment was written to recognize and protect the right to self-defense. It was an attempt to codify that right. As was the rest of them. But it has done little to no good because "shall not be infringed" has been shredded in a number of ways through "gun control" bs "laws". And people have allowed it to happen. Now, it has become "just words on paper".


The rest of the English speaking world is jealous of us.

Are you for real , the US was reduced to a laughing stock under Trump

They gave up their rights when they allowed themselves to be disarmed. They are effectively, enslaved.

Well you live in the 126th least peaceful country in the world we don’t

They can cry about it to their rulers, but they have no teeth to back it up. We have not, fully, given up those rights.

I’ve never cried to own a gun in actual fact there would be mass demonstrations if such was proposed

If the current ruler, Biden, gets his way, cops will be allowed to go in, absent a warrant, and seize peoples property in the form of guns. This may very well kick off an extremely, bloody civil war.

Great slaughter each other to extinction and let the rest of us live in peace

It seems Biden is quite bloodthirsty. I'd say that is pretty violent.

Biden is violent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trump has blood on his hands over covid and also an abuser and most likely rapist his best buddy was Epstein , it’s obscene the way people like you attack Biden but praise a draft dodging scum bucket

So, much for "uniting and healing the country", huh? All of that is criminal, but many will go along. We shall have to see.

Yes “many will go along “ you’re a brain -washed cretin mate

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