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Kite626(714) Clarified
1 point

There is a difference between warning someone on the product, and paying the expenses from the damage of the product. It wouldn't take billions for fast food to add some letters on the wrapper.

1 point

Kind of what i said in less words .

1 point

I'm disputing your preference lol... If i was to choose a way for the world to come to an end. It would have to be around what i stated. I'd like to be able to fight for my survival before i went.

1 point

You just proved in that statement that idiocy will be the doom of us .

1 point

It's a con in my opinion. It's a fear tactic that has way too many disadvantages. Shooting radiation particles into the stratosphere for a display of fear..? That shortens the life expectancy of the human race as a whole. We could have simply manipulated them. We could have engineered fake atom bombs, and give them to them as an act of peace. If they try to use them (knowing the intent,) then blow them up. It's a win, win, possibly fool them into trust, or see if they are truly volatile.

1 point

well wouldn't it just cause less privacy...? Now any gender can peep at the other......

1 point

That's like peeping tom heaven out the ass.... Also what would be the point...either way you get to do your business

1 point

You were right to quote that, but your following conclusion isn't concrete due to it. True, no compromise would end the conflict. Yes victory is a definitely an achievement to those who take initiative. That doesn't mean there was only one solution, it also doesn't indicate whether or not a greater victory was about. "When the predator corners the prey, sometimes the prey bites back." America's logic was to avoid that bite and bomb them in the corner. Why not get them into the corner, and maintain them within it.

1 point

Well sure you avoided blood shed, but just that one demonstration is enough to change the world. You would risk permanently damaging the stratosphere? Sure this move gained control through fear, but fear wont stop the world from entering an unnatural ice age.

Winning Position: THE END OF THE WORLD

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