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RSS Kururai

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1 point

He can turn water to wine as well ; )

1 point

Mythology:A collection of myths, esp. one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition.

Religion:The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

There are similarities, but they are in fact different.

1 point

Jesus was the son of a carpenter (expert in using tools)....

1 point

Also, there would be no need to look up Mithra, who originated from Mitra, and was a Persian Deity, which was existing in a different time since Norse mythology was created by the Germanic tribes, which existed from c. 1700 BC to c. 500 BC. Also, Thor is the God of Thunder. Mithra is associated with the Sun, and original Persian God of War (which ended up creating Verethragna, Persian God of Victory). Of course, after Verethragna, he was no longer in that position.

1 point

There is historical proof of the existence of Jesus. Perhaps not the miracles he did, but he was indeed a living person.

1 point

Well I ain't from the Germanic tribes, so I'll stick to religion rather than mythology.

2 points

It was a joke... .

1 point

By the way

"you shouldn't try to make a black man white..."

Michael Jackson tried it... I don't think he's racist.

1 point

Well even if you have been poor all your life, you can surely get back on your feet with hard work. Sure it's ridiculously hard, but many have done so. Some went from practically homeless to millionaires. Accepting the fact that they are poor implies that they will stay poor and that they can only be poor.

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About Me


Biographical Information
Name: Kururai Osamerukami
Gender: Transgender
Age: 8
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 001011

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