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RSS LawGirlRight

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Excusez-moi! (Excuse me in French.) How could you say a think like that? I use to be poor, not homeless poor, but New York City, apartment poor before. That is very offending. Thought I agree you shouldn't just hand them money, and donating to shelters do help, I also have to say that handing them water or food might be a good idea. Also, when you say that, it gives me an idea that if you saw to hungry children and their mother staring, with a baby on her back that you would say that... offensive statement, and leave them alone. And that is just disgusting, if that were you, I'm sure you would feel mad and sad at that person, so just do assume that all homeless and poor people should be (insert phrase), because some actually, and I know this will shock you, HAVE HEARTS AND FEELINGS! That was really just plain rude, I can get the center of your point, but I suggest you either delete that comment or slighten the attack on the just really homeless, please, because that was really just mean, heartless, rude and very offense to others that have been poor. Just because you've never been in that situation or had someone close to you in that situation doesn't mean you can pick on others with that problem.

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Even though this arguement has nothing to do with your ability to be a parent, I don't think they should. I have nothing against them, I'm fine with it because it isn't my business, but, if they adopt think about the impact happening on the child thing adopt. That child may face bullying because of this and may be treated differently, I have heard of cases that the child is treated as dirt by both kids and PARENTS, particularly in high school and college when the child is more independent and alone in the world. This may lead to suicide for the child.

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