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2 points

I totally agree with you! which is why people shouldnt use these comparision's but they do...left and right...and history is being distorted because of it.

2 points

I only commented on Hitler as he was brought up in this debate as leaning "right". It is important to identify who he was and his policies , as with this debater many compare Hitler to the "right" and that is factually incorrect, so being an informed voter means knowing history, especially when a false claim is being made.

3 points

He also published a youth manual that proclaimed "nutrition is not a private matter", he belived that the individual had no right NOT to be healthy and therefore the state had an obligation to force them to be healthy (sound familiar, Michelle Obama?) They also outlawed smoking, hmmm.....these all sound like liberal where did the idiotic myth that hitler was right leaning come from? maybe the liberals?

3 points

Our founding fathers were not liberal...not in the sense of the term today, they were libertarian. They did not believe in big government, and believed in states rights, the liberals do not believe in states rights and fight for a centralized government. The progressives hijacked this term and morphed it into something the founding fathers would not recognize in the early 1900's to further their agenda.

2 points

Dictators do NOT lean "right". There is nothing conservative about a dictator, so your statment is contradictive, liberal's lean left, dictators lean left, they believe in absolute government control over choices and freedoms, they think that the people are not smart enough to make their own choices. You speak of uninformed voters, well you should read the book "liberal fascism" by Jonah Goldberg, it outlines in great detail the lie about Hitler leaning right. Then you too could be an informed voter.

2 points

Wow are you sorely misguided...have you read any "real" history of hitler? He said what he thought the people wanted to hear, but did NOT practice those he preached. I could go thru everyone of your points listed and site examples of "his version" of those things, but instead i will point out the obvious path that the liberals are taking us down as we speak..."meat-eating", he believed this for the elites but not for the people..he implemented policies that didnt infringe on their right to eat it, but made it impossible for most to afford it. He also banned smoking, wanted nationalized healthcare, nationalized the banks, seized businesses and private property, he was also a studier of marxism....i dont know what website you copied this from, but you should really read more....

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