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RSS LittleMisfit

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Only 16% to 18% of Liberals think guns should be banned for everyone except law enforcement. [1]

Below are some other stats on political differences of opinion about guns.

Note: In the stats from source #3, Republicans include Republican-leaning Independents, and Democrats includes Democrat-leaning Independents.

• 0% of consistently Conservatives, 6% of mostly Conservatives, 16% of consistently Liberals, 18% of mostly Liberals, and 13% of Moderates think guns should be banned for everyone except law enforcement. [1]

• 24% of Republicans and 75% of Democrats think gun laws should be more strict [2]

• 46% of Republicans and 17% of Democrats think gun laws are about right [2]

• 30% of Republicans and 8% of Democrats think gun laws should be less strict [2]

• 56% of Republicans and 84% of Democrats want a federal database of gun sales [3]

• 79% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats want background checks for gun shows [3]

• 89% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats want laws to prevent the mentally ill from buying guns [3]

• 54% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats want to ban assault style weapons [3]

• 47% of Republicans and 79% of Democrats want to ban high-capacity magazines [3]

• 77% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats believe there should be background checks for private gun sales and gun shows [3]

• 82% of Republicans and 85% of Democrats believe people on federal watch lists should not be allowed to buy a gun [3]

• 72 of Republicans and 26% of Democrats want to allowed concealed carry in more places [3

• 69% of Republicans and 26% of Democrats want to allow teachers to carry guns in K-12 schools [3]

• 51% of Republicans and 25% of Democrats want shorter waiting periods for buying guns [3]

• 30% of Republicans and 10% of Democrats want to allow concealed carry without a permit [3]

• 32% of Republicans and 65% of Democrats see gun violence as a very big problem [3]

• 42% of Republicans and 28% of Democrats see gun violence as a moderate problem [3]

• 23% of Republicans and 7% of Democrats see gun violence as not a problem [3]

• Out of the top 25 states with the most gun-related deaths per capita, 21 of them voted Republican, and 4 voted Democrat in the 2016 election. [4] [5]

• 24% of Republicans and 11% of Democrats who own guns are NRA members [6]

• During the 2016 election, the NRA spent $265.00 supporting Democratic candidates, $37,010,516 against Democratic candidates, $17,385,437 for Republican candidates, and $2,281 against Republican candidates. [7]









We don't need guns to fight off zombies, we need one of these.

I didn't catch her name. What was it again?

LittleMisfit(1745) Clarified
1 point

"I got almost exactly in the middle with Centrist, leaning just a smidgen left, "

Me too

I think you're more liberal than you think. I bet if you take the quiz at, you'll get centrist, like I did. Don't miss the "Answer more questions" buttons under each topic if you want to get more accurate results.

Only 16-18% of liberals think guns should be banned for everyone except law enforcement. The vast majority support the right to own a gun. (source)

Little do they know that the 72 virgins just want to play Dungeons & Dragons with them.

So the person that got run over can't sue the driver, but can the driver sue the protester for damage to their vehicle? They should at least have to pay for the car wash.

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