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1 point

The problem with this scenario is that some people are so pathetic they have to be told what is wrong. It is a fantastic idea but why should some of us have to tell someone it isn't right,it would be much better if we could just teach common sense.Our ancestors survived without entitlements.

If it was only as easy as telling them I'd be all for it.

How would your bill of wrongs look?

1 point

It gets my vote .

1 point

Live long and prosper .

1 point

Who do I want in control, big business that pays me more than well or goverment that takes it away from me to support 70% of fathers who abandon their families... I'm thinking big business.

1 point

Both are funny but for this once, I like Obama better .

2 points

"Except that we all have to give back a certain percentage of our points (taxes)"

Wrong again, just under 50% get back more than they pay in and there in lies the problem.

Also, the top 10% pay 80% of those said points (taxes) which is fine for school and cops but what about paying ACORN and funding union pensions that lost money or bailing out a car company that should be out of business. The top 10% would be thrilled with only paying for cops and school but the elite still determine they should pay more and will always find more to spend using schools and cops as an excuse over and over again. Go JOE

2 points

This has always been their way and understood, what is now new is that liberals in the United States are so against Christians they will defend a religion that does not believe in seperation of church and state, a liberal core belief.

Even the founders understood this-

What a team, Islamic terrorists and liberals. Who hates America as it is today more?

Supporting Evidence: Jefferson on Muslims (
1 point

Walmart has agreed with many land-owners to buy property and build a new store which was disallowed.

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