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Good heavens, you're right. Phew, thank you for pointing that out, how ever would people deduce my views without me filling in my account?

NicolasCage(505) Clarified
1 point

I feel like I could make a very good joke here about chicken periods, but I just woke up so my mind isn't cooking anything up.

I was referring to chicken eggs. Granted, I love a good scrambled chicken period and processed pig fat so my original comment is sort of hypocritical.

Oh well. Excuse me whilst I poach a period.

Christians do not let two men kiss because it is disgusting - but they will eat chicken periods and processed pig fat.

Agreed. I was watching 'School of Cock' the other day, and I noticed that it was suspiciously similar to a Jack Black film I've seen before...

Porn writers these days just rip off other movies. What ever happened to the days of rich, meaningful pornos with deeper hidden messages about the nature of human existence?

3 points

"The other side"? There is no other side to this. No one's being oppressed by letting transgender people use whatever bathroom they want, but the same ain't be said for the other way around.

Conservatives love to cry that they're being oppressed by gays and transgenders by letting them get married and use bathrooms. But that's not how oppression works. You can't claim oppression when people are calling you out on the fact that you're oppressing people.

Imagine if we had Internet forums back when black rights were practically non existent. I'd wager my life that people would be saying the exact same thing as they are now: "why can't you just respect our views? It's just our belief that blacks shouldn't get the vote! Take into consideration the other side. Don't be so intolerant."

You cannot be intolerant of intolerance. Things don't work like that.

Socialism is good when mixed with capitalism. It allows for an equal spread of wealth and class equality, without restricting freedoms.

Please provide a source to back up your claim that "jobs are already up". No Breitbart, please.

Put down your dictionary and open your eyes to the total failure of Communism in Russia, China, Cuba, etc. Socialism is simply " Communism Light."

Clearly you cannot pay attention (or read). I am not a communist. I do not support communism. I do not support socialism, either, but I support it in small amounts. Conjunction with capitalism.

Where have you been during the rollout of these plans?

Am I missing something here? My point still stands. All Trump is doing is saying "I'm going to do this" but he's not saying "This is how I'm going to do it".

He has plans, but he doesn't have the plan to implement it.

The DNC was rigged against Sanders. Surprise, surprise - Trumpsters constantly go on about Hillary's emails but don't actually read them when they're released.

Also a surprise, a Trumpster doesn't even know what socialism actually is, but rather forms his own definition based on the abuse of it by totalitarian regimes in the past.

Socialism gives more freedom than capitalism. Capitalism restricts the people with money. Money is our prison. Socialism reduces are dependency on money.

I am not a socialist, nor am I a communist, nor am I a capitalist. I believe that all of these ideologies are inherently flawed and cannot work on their own. What we need is a mix of them - socialism and capitalism working together, to create an economy which gives equality and freedom to all. We cannot live in luxury without capitalism, and we cannot live in class equality without socialism.

The US' hatred of communism and socialism is completely unfounded and ridiculous. It's based around fear of communist Russia, who were your enemies during the latter part of the 20th century. That is over now, and your irrational fear has no solid ground.

You did not vote for a better economy, you voted for a man who promised a better economy. There's a big difference.

Trump has no plan, no idea what he is doing. If you really believe he can give a better economy - whilst simultaneously wasting billions of dollars on an unnecessary wall - then you are insane.

Tell me - what is Trump's plan for the economy? Has he actually told you, any of us? Saying "I will make a really good economy, guys!" is not a plan.

NicolasCage(505) Clarified
1 point

And Trump is a moron. He was elected primarily because Clinton is universally hated.

The left will always vote for Sanders, whilst many of the left abandoned Hillary.

Hillary's career is peppered with scandals whilst Sanders' is not. A huge reason why Hillary had little support is because she was crippled by her past. People don't trust her. People trust Sanders.

Sanders is a likeable man all around; you can tell he genuinely cares for the country and its people and wants to make a difference.

Americans didn't decide to make the pie bigger, they decided to not keep it the same. Sanders would be an alternative to that, and the fact that he's smarter than Trump, kinder than Trump, more political than Trump, calmer than Trump, and has pretty much all the opposite characteristics of Trump's bad ones makes him a far better candidate.

Being a socialist does not matter if you have a plan which can justify and back it up, which Sanders did.

If God really created the human race, why would he create gays? The Bible makes it clear that He despises them - why make something you despise?

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About Me

"A loving child of three."

Biographical Information
Name: Nic Cage
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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