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RSS PassionFruit

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10 most recent arguments.

Most people get married in order to get exclusive rights to their spouse's naughty bits for sexual pleasure...

... and to get exclusive access to their spouse's "green bits" for big and naughty spendings. Don't forget that

They do but they insist on putting e's here and there anyway. Why? The same reason there are four different e's in french: None.

N'oubliez pas le "e" à la fin de offensée.

Je suis un peu maniaque avec la grammaire. :) Excusez moi.

When I saw this, I thought "what? People do other things other than jack off?"

And honestly, I was very disappointed with what they spend most of their time doing: I thought it might be something... interesting or intellectual maybe...

I agree. She can definitely teach those Russians a lesson. I mean, she doesn't even have to move. With a sniper rifle, she can counter Putin from her house porch! Imagine that!

tu es français?


Ok. I’ll give you some credit for actually coming up with a plan.

Before going to my general point, I have a few questions about your plan:

- About the Mexicans … you want them not enter the US, right? Or do you want to kill them?

- You want the Navy, National Guard, and Coast Guard running the cleanup… Who is going to pay them? Last time I checked a lot of Americans are complaining about how high the taxes are…

- Your plan makes it look like being President is pretty easy… Maybe I should run for President too…

- You should tell Obama where Al-Qaeda is. I'm sure he doesn't know.

Anyway, here I am criticizing your plan when it actually might work… or it might not. You could have more information than I do about the war or the oil spill allowing you to make a more elaborate plan.

You see my point?

Obama probably knows more about the war situation or oil spill than any of us. The CIA, the FBI, EPA, or BP might know more than Obama. Who knows?

What is informed to the people and the press is probably not even half of it. It has always been that way.The fact that I (maybe you too) am not an expert in war strategies, economy, or law makes me (or us) even more clueless about what is going on.

Without all facts, no decisions or definite plans should be made because the possibility of making a mistake is higher.


Then simply out of curiosity...if you were to be in the same situation as Obama, what would you do?

Hey! How about you run for President? Be a man and handle that oil spill!!

Obama can't be turning everything into crap if everything is already crap.

So, all he can do is turn it to gold or simply touch crap and not change it.

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About Me

"« Sans la langue, en un mot, l'auteur le plus divin.............. Est toujours, quoi qu'il fasse, un méchant écrivain. » ----L'art poétique (Boileau)"

Biographical Information
Gender: Lady
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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