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The USSR enforces their views on people, because that is what gets them power, when the people agree with them on everything, when the people are forced to agree with the views of those in power it reinforces their power. Their is correlation between atheism and socialism/communism, but simply that, a correlation.

My point is people don't need religion to control people.

No, that is a good point, but if someone says they are doing it in the name of X, and they can't possibly be doing it for anything else, then I am going to take their word for it. Thing is, you can't use a lack of belief to justify anything, I can't say "I am going to do this because I don't believe in a god" but you can say "I am going to do this because I believe in a god that commands me to".

Okay the USSR killed people in the name of Atheists so do you think it should count.

Well, it causes them to be ignorant of science, and stifles them in reality that way, it also stifles the scientific progress of society.

I am simply stating that most people it wouldn't significantly effect.

What do you mean here?

It's called the marriage penalty.

People don't want to acknowledge the responsibility religion has for it's effects because they don't like the idea of acknowledging their religion having blood on it's hands. Not every christian is the same, not every muslim is the same, not every jew is the same, and they are not responsible for what results of their religion (unless they actually took part) but their religion IS responsible.

I'm talking about Christianity.

Okay thanks for the help for debating! So only for the parts your disputing........

OK maybe she is. Just because I am not easily convinced of other people being a sock puppet account without proper evidence being given does not mean I am one myself.

Sounds like a mass panic!

Who knows? You can never be certain that some one isn't.

At this point I don't know..............

The guilty always are the first to accuse others.

So your saying he is another sock-puppet account?

Christianity originated from Judaism. Judaism was made up to control people.

How so?

Christianity came into being through exaggeration and rumors about a man from Israel who tried to reform Judaism and was later used to control others.

How so?

It's starting to seem like everyone IS a puppet account.

What happens if we're all just 4-5 people on this site with an army of sock puppets?

3 points

You sure do like to defend the most obvious of puppet accounts. I'm starting to think you might be one, as well.

You think everyone is a puppet account don't you?

Perhaps Christianity wasn't invented to control people but what is originated from (Judaism) was.

What do you mean?

2 points

OK you are a Christian right, so you must think that all Religions other than Christianity and Judaism were made up and there must be a reason why for this. Do you not think this could not have been for power and money? If they were then why can it no be true for Christianity?

Christianity was violently opposed by the Roman Empire in it's formation. Why would they create a religion to control people that said to turn the other cheek. It is a fact some Christians even refused to be in their armies. They also wouldn't bow down to the emperors such as Nero. Nero hunted and hated the Christians so much that some scholars think that John of Patmos in the Book of Revelation was talking about Nero when talking about the Anti-Christ! I do not believe that is what John of Patmos was talking about but I will say that it would be very strange for the Roman Empire to start a religion just to cause political instability! There is also no evidence that it was made for political control. Christians also do not believe political leaders are Gods or Demigods as they are Monotheist. It would make no sense for the Emperor to make a religion that would say he wasn't God!

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