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RSS Skaruts

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1 point

Well, the human body is in fact a sex object, whether you like it or not. The negativity you see in the concept of objectification is mere subjective prejudice on your part.

That it leads to rape is a non sequitur.

1 point

Well, if your kids don't understand that it happens for the sake of fantasy... well then your kids are dumb and/or your parenting is questionable.

I'm sorry, but that's the truth. Even an eight year old would understand that...

Besides, the plumber's readiness is mild nonsense compared to what we can find in cartoons. The fact that kids laugh at them means they get the jokes. ;)

So many people underestimate children's intelligence these days...

1 point

What about them? No one said they couldn't do it.

I find flat chests hotter. I'd love to see them do it. :)

1 point

Why not?

The people going would be happier, I would be happier, everyone would be happier.

Of course, prudes wouldn't be happier, but fuck them, no one called them to watch.


1 point

As a general rule you should trust whatever you think it's logical or senseful. That case in particular is very subjective to each individual and to each manner of thinking, and even to each one's habits or metabolism. You can extract something from it, though: Telling yourself you're beautiful isn't such a bad advice. I have had problems with my looks in the past (even though beeing a male), and it's not very uncommon from teenager to have the same problems I had.

However, what is there is, overall, very poor in substance. And that's the first thing you should notice without the help of anyone else. Even if poor substance doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong, it usualy means it's not really apt to be considered worthy of notice.

1 point

meh... they are all hackers nowadays. With scoped rifles and auto-fire sub-machine guns and radars and overpowered nuclear bombs, and all that cheating stuff.

In the good ole days they were real men. They fought with melee weapons and bows and crossbows, and catapults and all that Man stuff. Now that was skill. :) They all went into a could of dust, fists coming in and out, and at the end of the day they would celebrate their victory with some good ole bear, or mourn their defeat with some homemade healing herbs and a kiss on the wound from the wives.

I miss these days already... :D

2 points

It ended the lives of many, ended the happiness of their families, fucked up economies, slowed down progress of societies, divided countries, and a long list of et ceteras.

Except for those, war never really solved or ended anything at all. Probably the only good thing any war has ever done was defeating Hitler. He caused the war, so it was, in a way, necessary, otherwise the world would end up in his wrong hands.

But it didn't end anything. Slavery, Fascism, Communism, and Nazism, they all still exist. Only slavery is subtle nowadays, nazism is powerless and reduced to punks with delusions of activism, communism and fascism are still a reality in some countries (russian countries, china, etc). And also, there are still some dictatorships in existence, although nothing alarming when compared to Hitler's dictatorship.

2 points

Oh your god...

Honestly, I hate ranting around with devoted christians too much because it all ends up pretty much the same as it begun, as it's kind of the same as talking to a door... The door doesn't assimilate anything I say. But even so, maybe because I'm really dumb I still feel compelled to say something when I read something as absurd as what you have posted right there...

First, I'm more inclined to believe that your brain is the one that's a mess. Why? Read your words carefully. Well, you say the same as every other christian does, which is nothing, really.

So, "Jesus Christ is alive in every sense. His flesh is as alive as it was before His Crucifixion." and "Jesus (God in flesh) gave His life on the cross for our sins."??

Man... make a decision there. He cannot be alive if he gave his life. Or he cannot have given his life if he's alive. But anyhow, no one has ever seen him, unless you count those freaks that think they are Jesus. Don't you think that's kinda strange? Oh, wait, I know, you'll tell me he's alive in spirit or in some invisible form or whatever the hell you can remember this time, like all christians do.

And then after giving me that kind of reasoning, which is the same kind as this "God is omnipresent and therefore talking to Him is like talking with someone in the room with you." and this ""Eve was made from Adam's rib this is correct. That tree was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.", you have the audacity to say "Don't reduce it to mysticism."

WOW! That should really make sense.

I really don't want to seem insulting or anything of that sort, even though I may fail at it, but it kinda freaks me out how you people can be so easily persuaded by such fairytaleish... stuff... In the end I don't know what really is the truth any more than anyone else does, but I consider every piece of information that's within my grasp and I can only conclude - through simple comon sense - that from all the information available that kind is the most senseless and the least fundamented. Each one to his own, but you could try listening to yourself and think a bit.

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