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1 point

Yes please. I'm literally waiting for my mom to get out of the locker room as I type this.

1 point

ahahaha what? I'd say 24 hours though .

1 point

I've actually toyed with this thought quite recently. It absolutely does sound like there would be two consciousnesses rendered from this, but how one hemisphere functions without the other isn't fully understood. Although in a case by case basis they are mostly if not entirely physiologically the same, we must have two hemispheres for a very good reason.

1 point

I'm listening to an old MCR CD that my sister gave me, so it sounds like screaming, I guess.

1 point

Well this is good news. Florida is way too hot right now .

1 point

And we all know that some will be missed more than others.....

0 points

And, again, I will place my own in the previous discussion that we had on this:

1) Be aware of cognitive biases. Well all have them.

2) Understand the basic principles and functions of logic (formal and informal).

3) Question everything, even "common knowledge" that we often take for granted.

4) Ensure that you've completely understood your fellow debater's claims before you refute them, if not, ask for clarification where needed.

5) Avoid writing angry responses, if you can help it. You don't want to be "that guy".

1 point

Depending on the response I get, he's going to get a list.

Stickers(1037) Clarified
1 point

What, and you're not a huge idealist yourself ???

Stickers has not yet created any debates.

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"a crusty teenager with 0 will to live :^)"

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Country: United States
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