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RSS TheAnarchy

Reward Points:41
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10 points

I've burnt a few bibles in my day so this is a pretty fair deal ;)


11 points

YOU CAUGHT ME OFFICER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 points

Being a minority doesn't automatically make you a victim. Unfortunately, it makes you more likely to be the victim.

2 points

Listening to her give a speech is like ear rape. No means No miss Palin.

2 points

"The politics of Nazism

The political right is popularly associated with the following principles. Of course, it goes without saying that these are generalizations, and not every person on the far right believes in every principle, or disbelieves its opposite. Most people's political beliefs are complex, and cannot be neatly pigeonholed. This is as true of Hitler as anyone. But since the far right is trying peg Hitler as a leftist, it's worth reviewing the tenets popularly associated with the right. These include:

Individualism over collectivism.

Racism or racial segregation over racial tolerance.

Eugenics over freedom of reproduction.

Merit over equality.

Competition over cooperation.

Power politics and militarism over pacifism.

One-person rule or self-rule over democracy.

Capitalism over Marxism.

Realism over idealism.

Nationalism over internationalism.

Exclusiveness over inclusiveness.

Meat-eating over vegetarianism.

Gun ownership over gun control

Common sense over theory or science.

Pragmatism over principle.

Religion over secularism."

The rest is here:

Supporting Evidence: Hitler was a Conservative (
4 points

"Hitler was a liberal"

The belief in a "superior race" is a conservative ideal ;)

4 points

"In God we Trust" wasn't added to American currency until the 1860's. More than 80 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. And in case you are also fond of the "Pledge Argument", "Under God" wasn't added until 1954.

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