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RSS ThePotatoman

Reward Points:171
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10 most recent arguments.

I had a hard time doing this to my Doctor. Dr. Richard Johnson was used to all the usual dickery associated with these kinds of exams, and I kind of dropped the ball on the delivery as well. The joke ended prematurely, and he was left with a mess... of paperwork.

That's a pretty white ass for it to be Obama's... must be good ole Biden!

It is these religious organization's rights to not pay for a woman's contraceptives. While I do not see the problem in paying for it, it is part of their religious rights. Why can't they just make the guy bring a condom or two? Also, a little side question... How little are they making that they can't afford birth control pills?

Lucky only if she was clean... if ya know what I mean! lolz

True lies! That's an Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie right? I loved that movie! Good thing you don't have to have true eyes to watch true lies, or no one might have seen it.

Hell bro, Now they know my secret! Well, I did volunteer for this, can't complain.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I wasn't shocked to see,

12 Morons preaching,

11 People hating,

10 Racist comments,

9 Sexists trolling,

8 Sarcastic comebacks,

7 Stale Insults

6 Depressing Topics


4 Popular opinions

3 Angry Pre-teens

2 friend invites

And some homework that I forgot to do. o.o;

Hit the nail on the head there supreme. Truly lol XD o.o extra characters so it will let me post.

I could live without all that stuff... except for bacon. Seriously, lets just airdrop som nude magazines, pork, and marijauna into muslim extremist camps and call it a day?

Thats a way to get aHEAD of the game. Guess you could say he is kind of a DICK. His first name is Richard. This balls out display of my own puns is sickening. I'm going to subway to by a foot long now!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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