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RSS Undertale

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1 point

Now that I think of it.... gingerbread man don't HAVE flesh. The have some sort of bread.

Undertale(219) Clarified
1 point

No. Kinda impossible, 'counting' that they are very light and hard to see. Now you have my brother going, he's trying with himself...

Undertale(219) Clarified
1 point

Three girls were sitting at a bar. One girl had brunette hair, one had red hair, and the other had green hair. A man walks up to them and asks them if they died their hair, eyeing the green haired girl. The brunette runs her hand through her hair and replies," It's all natural." The red head takes her hand, runs it through her hair and says," It's all natural." The green haired girl sneezes on her hand, runs it through her slimy hair and says, "it's all natural."

Undertale(219) Clarified
1 point

(Let me assure you, this is NOT an offensive blond joke)

3 blonds were walking through a dessert and fortunately, they came across a genie lamp. All three rubbed the lamp and a genie came out. He said," because there are 3 if you and 3 wishes, I will grant you each 1 wish." He pointed to the first blond and asks what she would like. She responds," I'm tired of people doing things for me ALL the time. I wish I was 3 times as smart as I am." She turned into a brunette.

The genie asks what the 2nd blond wants and she replies, "I'm also tired of people doing things for me. I work I was 4 times as smart as I was." She turned into a ginger. The last blond jumps up and dats," I love people doing things for me. I wish I was 3 times dummer than I was." And she turns into a man.

NOT funny enough? Ok, I got a ton more jokes up my dleve.

1 point

Bop bop bananarama, bup bup bananaflama, Choo Choo, FLAMINGO

Undertale(219) Clarified
1 point

I would like to mention that I am the funniest person anyone could know, if they cared to get to know me. My jokes are very often laughed at within the few people who listen to my jokes.

Agreeing with the fact that I am often bullied and respond as being a bully, I will say that my violent actions do seem to make the name calling and such to stop for a day or two by that particular person.

As there are things I do not like being called, there are also things that I do not mind being called, but I indeed take action for being called that name. I also take action for ginger jokes that are not rude and do not hurt me, but I do it for the more sensitive gingers out theer(taking my little bro for example, who is VERY sensitive).

Things you say, I do get, and today I have made 2 more friends. Once people get to know me and why I do certain things, they apologize for being so rude. The 2 people were aghast to hear that my father dies when I was about 6 and they started to say things along the lines of their grandpa's died, their aunt has cancer and so fourth. We then got to know eachother.

Undertale(219) Clarified
1 point

Lemme get something straight. It doesn't offend me. It angers and saddens me.

I get some things as to be a joke, but other things have a meaning to them. I laugh off most things and then teach the person who said such a thing a lesson. I am feared in my class because of my violent actions, but also the most bullies person in my class. I k ow somethings are just jokes, but they are bad jokes to tell. Just like blond jokes.

1 point

OJ!!! I love orange juice. Orange juice is good. Lol, is that what you mean?

Undertale(219) Clarified
1 point

Soul-The spiritual or immaterial part of a human.

So just because I'm a ginger people get to make jokes about me(gingers in particular anyways) Why is it okay to make jokes about gingers not having souls, but no one else's hair color. Same with blond jokes. Why is red a bad hair color to have? What does it mean? That's what I want to know. What makes it okay to torment gingers for their blessed hair color? As I have already said, I would assume one to have such knowledge that I have a soul as I would have k pledge to know you too have a soul.

Just because I'm a ginger doesn't mean I do not have a soul. I do have a soul and my hair color should not and does not decide weather that is true or not. It's like me saying that because you are a male you do not posses a heart. As everyone knows we can not live without a heart, but just imagine that they call you an alien or a demon is the devil, Satan's Spawn, Evil, ugly. Just imagine all the insults if people believed that. Would You not feel bad? Would you feel worthless? What would you feel?

All I am saying is that just because I am a ginger doesn't mean anything. I am like the rest of you all. Just with something unique about myself. I am like everyone else. I am just the same. I can do every thing you all can. I have a soul.

It is unfair for gingers to be judged like that. Just imagine you were a ginger and someone said you were soulless. How would you feel? Would that make you angry? Sad? Left out? Just imagine you were a ginger. imagine that you were blamed for things you didn't do but they still blamed you because you are a ginger. Imagine that everyone thought you were a which or the devil. Imagine that no one trusted you because you are a ginger. Imagine all of it. I get this everyday. I am told I'm the devil. I get called bad things. I don't get trusted. I don't get to do certain things. I'm underestimated. I am blamed for tons of random things. I get it all bad.

Not a lot of people get it. Barely anyone thinks about what they are going to say. Very rarely does someone trust a ginger. Take the time to imagine all this happening to you on a daily basis. Imagine it happened everyday. Ikmaginw it all.

Now tell me how you would feel if someone on this very website said such things to you. How would you react.

Not a lot of people put themselves in this situation before they cause it. Very rarely will someone rush to your aid if you are hurt. All you really have is your self your friends and your parents. I have very little friends. I have 3 friends. That's it.

Put yourself in this situation and tell me would you not feel sad. Would You not worry about how many people will mock You? I worry about everyone say I these things.

I have to deal with this.

I have to go through this.

I go through this everyday.

Everyday. Just because I have red hair.

Now imagine how I feel everyday.

1 point

Guys, they aren't alive. It doesn't matter. They literally don't have a life.

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""In order to achieve the most in life, you have to know how to convert the negatives into positives""

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