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YLFF(87) Clarified
1 point

I am sorry, for my sins, against this community. Words cannot express, how truly grieved I am, for being cruel.

1 point

Sure, honey. i am not THAT right wing. As a fiscal centrist, and social libertarian, who i agree or disagree with, quite literally, depends, on who is saying, what. i support Berniecare, no doubt. Feed it once it's born or don't call yourself, prolife, yeah? I also oppose any restrictions whatsoever, on birth control, especially, for women, and girls. Anyone with ovaries, and other bio sex female organs, should be entitled, to any birth control, that is safe, for her body, for any reason, at any time. Birth control, can save lives. i have been sucidial for one year, and as I might possibly be starting to go through menopause, or paramenopause, taking hormonal birth control, might save my life. I had my tubes removed, because pregnancy, would be life threatening, and support a few exceptions, for pregnant mothers, to abort that which i consider, to be their babies. For a traumatized rape victim, i would call the baby, a jackass, if it made her feel safe, and loved. I am also afraid that God will kill me, for feeling this way, but abolish abortion people, are full of shit hypocrites, and i have had enough. Also, while I have religious objections, to the lifestyles, of gender and sexual minorites, i no longer, want, to bully them. i was attacked on facebook, for being nice to them, and I am like REALLY? i don't have to agree with what someone does, to be kind, doncha think? If i claim the Name of Lord Jesus, how the actual fuck, can i persecute, someone? i also, want to post my apology, for being, so cruel, to you. i fucked up bad, and if you want me, to walk away, i will. If not, let's talk, for a while. i refuse to hate you, and whether you care about me or not, i will always love you, no matter what you do. i also want to specify, that my position, towards gender and sexual minorites, is that they have the right to privacy, and empathy, even if someone disagrees, with them. Take care, and wash, your hands!

1 point

I quite literally, not only pray for every living person on this planet, if they have not committed a capital offense (I am not accusing you), i will advocate for their right, to have healthcare. i am not a liberal, but i agree, that healthcare, is a right.

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Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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