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RSS YouDontKnow

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Yeah!!!!!!1 Eat a dick Joe! _

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I see.... clever, the winking face was a nice (if not creepy) addition

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There tends to be a growing trend in this age gap I've noticed. Thats the standard of living has gone up considerably due to new technologies and slightly better government since the earlier part of this century. Some people are old enough to remember the bread lines during the great depression, but we don't have to do that anymore. What happens then is that older people tend to value their affluence more than their children who were born into it. Theres a great quote by Russell Ackoff: "Parents of affluence tend to take the poverty of other for granted but not their own affluence. Their children tend to take their affluence for granted but not the poverty of others. Affluent parents blame poverty on the deficiencies of the poor, while their children blame it on the deficiencies of the affluent."

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