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RSS Admiralbacon

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Wait okay I wanna clarify something here; I agree with you that light skin people aren't inherently smarter than darker skinned people. Sorry, I should have made that clearer.

What I'm taking issue with is that your conclusion was reached unfairly. You don't base something like that on personal experience. You can base it on the absence of any reasonable and supported arguments to support the notion, but you can't logically just say "Well I haven't seen that, so no".

Your research, did it include a double-blind study? How large was the sample population? Has the paper you wrote on it been published, or is it still being peer-reviewed?

Your "research" is personal experience. Not enough data to reach a meaningful conclusion on a topic like this.

>The fact that I'm more intelligent than all of the lighter skinned blacks that I know, is proof enough for me.

>all of the lighter skinned blacks that I know

>lighter skinned blacks that I know

>that I know


>proof enough for me


Your lack of impartial research is pretty clearly stated there.

When I say "personal experience", I mean "things you experience through sheer virtue of living, without having performed objective research". So, the basis of your opinion is "People I've met", which falls under the "experienced through being alive" category. That's not research, so it isn't enough evidence to support any meaningful conclusion on such a big topic.

Not when the topic is something as complex as "are skin tone and intellect directly linked". Personal experience works for things like "does touching a very hot thing hurt my hand", because they're simple; not much research necessary. Intellect across broad arbitrary categories of humanity is huge, so personal experience isn't worth shit.

"Well. The fact that I'm more intelligent than all of the lighter skinned blacks that I know, is proof enough for me."

I'm taking issue with you saying "is proof enough for me". You can't claim you're all ab out logic, then use personal experience to justify an opinion.

Personal experience != immutable fact, especially when there are so many variables to consider.

For example, I've met exactly one Jim in my life, and he offered to suck me off for twenty dollars (interesting fellow). I can't fairly conclude that all Jims do this, because that's retarded.

admiralbacon(229) Clarified
1 point

That's actually a pretty interesting topic, to be honest. If you were in charge of maintaining what appeared as democracy, but in actuality only supported a minority despite the voting actions of a significant majority, how would you go about doing it?

I think another useful technique (in this hypothetical world where I'm an asshole) would be to support two or three different candidates from the majority, each with deeply opposing views. Votes from the majority will be split three ways, meaning our minority party only needs a fraction of the votes to win.

You'd need to make sure that each of these 3 (or more, as the case may be) candidates had differing opinions on a very split subject; if two of them have asinine retarded views then they won't absorb as many of the votes. You'd also need to try to not pull this trick too often, or the public would wise up and try some sort of tactical voting, like what done happened in Canada just now

See now SaintNow I love seeing this from you, look at that! Your religious faith is guiding you to compassion and love! It's beautiful, I'm really glad you commented on this debate. I'm not being sarcastic here either, in total sincerity your comment really made my day, thank you

Your username implies you're for logic, but you literally do not follow logical reasoning behind that conclusion. I'm curious to know what went so wrong in your life, was it head trauma? It was head trauma, wasn't it?

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