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RSS Anachronist

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2 points

I reckon Obama will probably get this one, because he has a better public image. It doesn't really matter, they are essentially the same party. And both are murdering thieving anti-freedom bastards.

I love Guinness and Bud, but the day I support Romney is the day I tattoo dicks on my eyes.

2 points

Why would God cast a shadow? What is the shadow being cast on? And what is the light source which is casting the shadow? And why is God made of matter? And how does God fit into the universe?

It wasn't hard to guess from that video you posted a while ago. Well done for coming clean about your inferior racial origins Joey ;)

I am pro abortion, we need as many abortions as possible. The last thing we need is more fucking babies.

So it's wrong to take money from people who didn't necessarily earn it, but it's fine to let people die by withholding help from those who didn't necessarily earn their problems? Great logic there Joe.

So basically you want the freedom to let everyone else die?

Oh, and, don't forget, even if you do believe in property, life and liberty come first. I'd rather steal from the rich than watch the poor die.

Because the amount of income you receive is not directly proportional to the amount of work you do. A farmer who works all day cleaning, lifting, caring for animals, maintaining equipment, nurturing crops, but only does so for a very small income (as most farmers do), works harder than a public school toff who has inherited millions from his deceased father's company. The farmer might be on 20k for ten hours of various forms of labour a day, but the Eton boy might only have to go to a meeting every week and earn 500k just for inheriting the company.

I wouldn't consider myself a liberal, I would say I'm more of a classical anarchist, but I believe that property can't exist without coercion, and that acquiring property through coercion is theft, therefore property is theft, therefore, redistributive taxation is redistribution of stolen property.

Bang my head repeatedly against a hard surface in despair at the rife stupidity in the world until I am ready to look at the screen again.

This definitely has a strong element of truth to it, as much as I hate anecdotal evidence, my mother used to work in a care unit where the residents were boys aged 11 to 18 who exhibited sexually harmful behaviour. Most of them were also abused as children, their families used them as prostitutes, made porn with them in, raped them, whatever.

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About Me

"I love to debate theists, creationists, deists and proponents of new age nonsense. Oh, and righties."

Biographical Information
Name: Jon Seeker
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist

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