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RSS Bobbyjohn

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0 points

I like it :) now your are trying to debate with me, i applaud you for it :D

Sooooo your argument is that once you change your gender you can not change it back?your saying that the difference is that ones hair 'grows' back but penises don't?

Well, Can you not have surgery again? and then get your penis back? technically its not 'growing back' but it does come back when you have surgery after your have surgery.

"""""All of that is minor compared to sex change...100 years ago sex change wasn't even an option....""""""

looool you just won me this debate :) look you just said it yourself sex change was not available back in the day. That is why this is news. 100 years in the future from now everyone will be having sex changes. but right now it is not mainstream so it is news, since you have not yet acknowledged that sex change can be normal in society you say WTFFF to this article on him changing his sex change. However, if you understand that humans change and societies change then you will realize that humans do crazy things all the time that later turn out to be practically normal in a different time period. :)

1 point

well i just added a new argument about haircut and genders and I think that one is better than my clothes one :)

1 point

1. Down-voting does not decrease your side's total votes.

2. I won in the sense that I have a better arguments not by the fact that my side has more votes.

3. '''''Sex-change operations are weird in my opinion. The fact that you support it, further proves my point.'''''

lmfao you saying i have poor arguments look at that ^ there was no argument there you just say 'proves my point' loool

look buddy i had perfectly good arguments, you had pretty good arguments too but in this debate you just stopped trying and I ended up winning. There's no ego in that :)

1 point

How is a getting a haircut not the same as changing your gender? Haircut makes you look different with that people perceive you differently. Gender change makes you look different and perceived differently.

Your hair before you decide you cut it is from when you were born (the genetics that determine how long it will get). Your gender is determined by genetics as well. Maybe parents have fond memories of their child when their hair was short but not when it was long?

Maybe parents have fond memories when their child was a nice bookworm not when they were a rockband enthusiast? people change because they feel like it and/or the situation around them makes them change. If parents can not accept the fact that people change and 'grow up' then they should not be parents should they?

0 points

Hahaha :) you know what is also obvious? someone trying to bring unrelated topics to the debate when they should have realized they already lost the debate a while back. :D

1 point

LOL that actually made me laugh, i have to give props for that one :)

But the fact that clothes are not part of us when we are born means we can change them? whereas our gender is something that is part of us when we were born should not be changed? hmmmm.... as a baby we are small but when we grow up -gulp- we CHANGE and get bigger. Now you will say 'but we shouldn't change what was given to us, growing is something that happens on its own and was already provided in our genes when we were born.' ok but when you get a hair cut are you not changing something that you were born with?

0 points

We were comparing humans to other species but, I'm probably in the really stupid category. :)

1 point

How is changing clothes not like changing genders? We are control of our own lives and if we want to change ourselves we have all right to do so.

0 points

So God gave us the free will to decide not to believe in him or not?

2 points

Thank you for caring for the create debate environment :)

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