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RSS Cownbueno

Reward Points:407
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Sir, you're obviously not well in the head. I strongly suggest seeing a doctor.

1 point

Yes, Native Americans stole an entire continent from each other and then proceeded to lay claim to that land as though they were the original discoverers of the Americas for centuries past the genocide of the majority of the other populace. Not.

Don't you just love America's rich history ?

1 point

Does this mean all white Americans are/were an invasive species?

2 points

These are fucking memes hahahaha. Someone with a lot of free time and a basic version of Photoshop made these. This is why people think Republicans are idiots, you'll believe anything that's in a picture or quotation marks is true.

2 points

I'm pretty sure you can actually tickle the roof of your own gums...

1 point


Do the world a favor and wig yourself.


1 point

Mu uncle teaches at a university in Japan. Apparently he says the only thing wrong with them is that they overwork themselves and have little personal expression as they're expected to be calm and never show emotion in a work setting.

1 point

For anyone that owns a cat, you obviously have to default to under.

1 point

Sharing an ancestor with, and being an ancestor of are completely different things, please use the brain you were born with.

1 point

You do realise that google offers unlimited information from the most reliable of sources, right?

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Gender: Male
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Political Party: Independent
Country: Canada
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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