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RSS Daver

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2 points

The PC crowd has no stopping place for this sort of stupidity.

1 point

Immigrants should be viewed as invasive.

If they do NOT assimilate.

Islam is, by its creed, an invasive movement, from a vastly different culture.

President Trump said it plainly "We welcome immigrants who love our country and want to become one of us" --- Americans ---.

In contrast the stated aim of Islam is to spread .

1 point

There is little doubt that Trump is causing employment to rise sharply, when you factor in all the paid protesters. 😁

1 point

I've been a cowboy for 25 years and I've never liked liveral.

Oh and triads are like trifectas but with the nucler option intact.

Did he say calf or caths ?

daver(1770) Clarified
1 point

Aborti is the subject of an abortion, by way of an aborter. 😵

daver(1770) Clarified
2 points

Aborti is abortion that has been aborted.

He he 😅

1 point

Well you just keep on insisting that socialism is cool without any evidence to support it. And continue to claim that Trump has no "How To" plans for the economy, even though jobs are already up due to Trump. I will leave you to stew in your fantasies.

2 points

The best part will be when Trump stomps Pocahontas.

Can't hardly wait 😁

1 point

Wow so much BS, where to begin 😂

Put down your dictionary and open your eyes to the total failure of Communism in Russia, China, Cuba, etc. Socialism is simply " Communism Light."

Neither generate a decent standard of living for the masses. The poor man, in the USA, lives above the standard of most of the other people in the world. Why --- Capitalism ---

Trump has no plan, no idea what he is doing.

Tell me - what is Trump's plan for the economy?

Where have you been during the rollout of these plans?

2 points

If Sanders was a better candidate, a better speaker, with a better message, why did the left nominate Hillary? Could it be perhaps that Sanders appeals mostly to the hard left?

Sanders does believe what he is saying. Socialism means more government and less freedom. Socialist Utopia is a dream that has never actually worked, anywhere, anytime, ever. Please don't claim that Bernie's "Democratic Socialism" is any great new path to Utopia. It's simply an acknowledgment that socialism needs capitalism to pay the bills. Without the prosperity that capitalism provides, socialism could only starve.

A bigger pie is a strong and vigorously growing economy. Which provides more jobs and higher pay. That is what was voted for last November.

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About Me

"Enjoy the back and forth of opinions. Sometimes I get a new one."

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Name: dave 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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