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RSS Jasmineyeocm

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Save the EARTH from global warming. We cant destroy the planet, but when the effects of global warming gets from bad to worse, like the melting of the glaciers, the human race might extinct when the water level rises and floods the entire world.

1 point

If we stop global warming, we would be saving the Earth! How does that make us selfish? If we don't save the Earth, That's what that would make us selfish!

1 point

How important is reading to today's teenagers?

Reading is a very good relaxation and enjoyment. People visit quiet beaches or private swimming pools just to relax and read a book or two. Reading also helps to kill time when we have a long journey to travel or when we are feeling bored. When you ask for advices on how to improve English, mostly you would get , “ Read more books to improve your vocabulary, etc.” Hence, I feel that reading is very important to today’s teenagers.

To start with, reading has different definitions. There are people who read without serious thinking or really immerse themselves in the book. They may have words that they do not know the meaning but instead of checking it in a dictionary and remembering them by heart, they have the don’t- care attitude and just ignore the words. Furthermore, I doubt that anyone would not have any word that they do not understand in books, especially novels. These days, novels have their story lines mostly in England, London, in those western countries. These people have a different culture from the Asians and hence we may not understand what they meant. More importantly, The authors have a unique way of writing books of romance, mysteries, which have a great difference from what we encounters in Singapore. The actual purpose of reading is to increase our knowledge as well as to revise on what our brain had absorb but forgotten. People who reads a lot does not mean that his or her has good vocabulary skills.

Above all, books have been greatly replaced by electronics technology, such as iPod, hand phones which is currently becoming better in design and functions, PSP, Nintendo DS, computers, and all the devices that can be used to communicate or play games. teenagers should spend their time more meaningfully by reading instead of doing things that would not do them any good instead of gaining more knowledge by reading. In the past, people would compare what books they own but in this modern society, teenagers would compare their hand phone models, which is irrelevant to their studies.

Finally, reading would improve our oral skills and our written paper. By reading more books, the use of language would greatly differ and we would speak more fluent English. The good written paper actually needs creativity and fluent language which allows people to understand deeply what the writer is trying to express him ore herself.

Therefore, I conclude that reading can affect one’s live so it is important for teenagers to pick up this habit of reading and know the importance of it.

1 point

I agree with Cherie that Reading exposes teenagers into different situations that they may face in their later life. Teenagers get to learn how to resolve the problems if they were to face such situations in life. Besides, reading would also send teenagers thinking and this can develop his/her critical thinking skills. Reading can also be a great form of entertainment as it not only relaxes the mind but also helps to build up the vocabulary of teenagers. Although I disagree that teenagers nowadays have little vocabulary skills, I have to agree that reading would help them in building his/her vocabulary.

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